Welcome, we're excited to have you on our journey

The Posey Story


Posey Yoga was born in lockdown 2020. What was meant to be a side hustle started by two yogi enthusiasts quickly turned into our dream business.


We wanted to bring vegan luxury, eco-friendly yoga products into the world and when the world was forced to stay at home, the need for yoga mats increased.

Our mission


We believe in the power of intention.


We wanted to create a mat that would help yogis connect the intention set in their mind, to the movement within their bodies.


Every mat design has a colour palette picked in accordance with colour psychology. Peaceful pastels for fluid flows, punchy power mixes for strength workouts, bold clashes for hiit. 


Our pledge to the planet


All our mats are made with love for the planet. 

We use natural tree rubber in the base materials. We incorporate microfibre sweat towels so there is no need for additional purchases. Our mats are completely vegan.


And, all our mats are built to last.

 What makes Posey mats different?



All Posey mats are built for warriors. They come with:

  • A built in microfibre sweat towel - the more you sweat the more you grip
  • Extra deep as standard (5mm) to protect your joints
  • Velvety soft layer that feels beautiful under your hands and feet
  • Designs and colours used on the mats help you connect to your intention