Six Spotify Playlists for your Next Yoga Flow - Posey Yoga

Tip, don’t forget to upgrade your Spotify first. Nothing ruins a flow quite like an ad break in the middle of your practice.

Yoga Morning by Em Maidment

The perfect accompaniment to move you out of your morning slump and into your sun salutations. Ideal for that flow right before your morning coffee.

Yoga & Meditation by Spotify

Nobody does a playlist like Spotify. If you’re looking for ultimate escapism, this is it. Switch it on and you’ll find your flow following the vibes.

Posey Yoga by Posey Yoga

Cool, laid back vibes that will let your mind really relax into your flow and block out the outside world.

Yoga Flow Class - Upbeat by Poojashah217

This works perfectly for moving vinyasas, cardio flows and practices with a faster energy. Really smooth transitions that let you focus on your poses and your practice.

Yin Yoga Nidra by Jenelle Kitto

A peaceful backdrop for the perfect nighttime gentle flow into a meditation. Your mind instantly starts shutting down and finding that peace.

Yoga Flow Class - Upbeat

Perfect for a cardio yoga flow. This playlist will keep you going strong from start to finish.

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